Basic Shaping Very high waist panties

    What we love about it

    • A concise range that meets a universal feminine need: TO SLIM the figure with full invisibility. A simple, functional style, similar to our invisibles with a touch of femininity provided by the two-tone finish at the waist.
    • A very high-waisted panty rising under the bust and providing good support for the buttocks.
    • Product constructed with a support area for the stomach and upper abdomen.
    • A more accessible product than the body shaper (reaches more women, easier to wear), ideal for wearing under all types of garments.
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    • Consumer benefits:.
    • For women seeking targeted flat stomach and back bulge action.
    • For everyday wear.
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    • Product action:.
    • 1. flat stomach.
    • 2. slimmer waist.
    • 3. smooth back.

    Color: Black

    Size : Available up to 46